Welcome to the We(e) Market! We are currently in the formation stages. Our goal is to become a non-profit family-friendly “maker space” where, in addition to learning STEM skills, creative individuals of all stripes can bring to life & spread word about their innovative creations. Part of the concept behind this is a space for the types of folks who would like to create things to sell on sites like Etsy to have a place to¬†make their items in an environment of supportive others – particularly parents and other caregivers. This adventure was headed by Ahmie Yeung after she started realizing how hard it is for all parents to put their creative potential to its fullest use while caring for family members, as well as awareness of how isolating caregiving can be and the need for more diversity-inclusive “third places” in the community. We are currently seeking community partners to bring the shop into physical existence in Lakewood, Ohio.